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Egg Drop

Egg Drops are a classic challenge. We gave it our best shot a our most recent meeting, and had a lot of fun doing it! Each team of 2-3 people was given access to string, paper, recycled bags, and other recycled materials, then 20 minutes to build before the 3-story drop. We’re proud to report that every egg survived!

Radio Telescope team presents progress

Next week, Wentworth IEEE will be visiting Wentworth’s Computer Science Society to talk about the radio telescope project. This project aims to create a radio telescope that will be used by our physics department to track the moons of Jupiter. Their talk will discuss the technology of radio telescopes, the problem to solve, and how they’ve gone about solving it. The project gave their presentation to us for us to check out.

Playing with Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics are a technology that allows for faster and more reliable communication. We had the opportunity to play with and learn about this technology by lecture and then playing with some lasers! Afterwards, we cut some cables apart to see what’s inside and learn how they fail.

Checking out integrated circuits

In this week’s general body meeting, we learned about integrated circuits. A mask, wafer, and checkplot from the IC creation process was shown off, and some ceramic microcontrollers were passed around. Using a hammer, we were able to crack them open and check out what was inside underĀ  a microscope.

Check out these pictures of our meeting, and if it looks interesting to you, feel free to stop by any of our events! Check out our schedule to find out more.

PID and Control Loops Workshop

Control loops, and specifically PID’s, are a commonly used method of ensuring that a system is able to get to and maintain a value. They blend mechanical systems, electrical systems, code, and mathematics to create automated and functional systems like those found in thermostats, self-driving cars, robotic arms, and much much more.

In tonight’s meeting, Stephen walked us through the mathematics and theory of PID’s. He also showed us techniques for finding those critical P, I, and D constants, as well as figuring out how to apply this knowledge.

3D Printing Workshop

For our first workshop of this year, Stephen gave a workshop on 3D Printing. Members learned about common terms and features, what the technology can and can’t do, and some handy tricks for making the best prints possible.

The presentation started with a basic 3D file created in SolidWorks, turned it into an .stl file, put the .stl into a slicer, and discussed how to put the sliced file into our octoprint server.

If you missed it, check out the slides from the presentation, (coming soon!), or check out the 3D printing project for a bunch of people that are happy to discuss 3D printing.

Welcome Back!

(I used the photo of us at our booth since I have nothing else to use here…)

It’s been a while, welcome back!

It’s a new year, and we’re excited to share all the exciting stuff we’ve got with you. We’ll be introducing a bit of new stuff to make things easier for the eboard to run, for new members to join, and for existing members to get the most out of our club. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so be sure to stop by and speak up!

Among the topics discussed will be the following:

  • Re-naming our space the ‘IEEE Makerspace’ or ‘IEEE Hackerspace’, because this is a more accurate name that is less likely to be confused with other places on campus
  • Adding a more formal leadership structure, to allow for more progress to happen in the projects and to allow the eboard to better assist the teams in getting whatever resources they need
  • How we can use the website as a tool to keep members updated and to seek out funding

This meeting will be held in Wentworth 310 at 6:30, just like all other general body meetings. We hope to see you there!