We’re proud to be able to offer a dynamic and broad community. Despite the name, we accept all majors at Wentworth, and have a place and project for all of them (although all projects will be technical). As mentioned in Projects (below), joining a project is a great way to get into the community and make the most of what we can offer.

Private Makerspace (The Lab)

The WIT IEEE is pretty unique in that we can provide our members a private makerspace in the attic of Dobbs. Keycard access will be granted to members who have paid lab dues ($10) or who are members of the IEEE (student member level or above). That income goes to parts, 3d printer fillament, and other equipment.

In the lab, members have access to numerous resources:

  • Our 4 3D printers for member usage only. Use it for IEEE projects or your own stuff! We cover the cost of filament (provided the prints are reasonable).
  • Test equipment. We have oscilliscopes, power supplies, waveform generators, various meters, and more.
  • Soldering equipment, with several full-featured soldering stations with soldering irons, thirdhands, and so on, as well as equipment for surface mount soldering.
  • Miscellaneous parts, like Arduinos, Pi’s, and other micro-controllers, as well as breadboards and breadboardable electronics (LEDS, sensors, many different values of resistors and capacitors). These can be used for IEEE projects or your own. We use the honor system– please sign out your parts on the clipboard near the door so we know we don’t have to look for it.
  • A community space. With a spacious table, plenty of chairs, and a whiteboard, this is a great place to work with others and plan new projects. It’s also a nice space to get to know each other and learn.


One of our primary goals is education, and while this is largely achieved through our projects, we also hold lectures covering a wide range of technical topics. These lectures allow for a wider range of interdisciplinary knowledge to be shared, which we view as an important skill to have in preparation for a technical career.


While joining a project is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. Doing so will better allows members to make the most of what we can provide, and also allows for better integration into the community of more experienced club members. We have plenty of members, so we have several projects running at a time. Check out what projects are active on our Projects page.

Thanks to the width of majors in our club, we have numerous projects incorporating elements from every major at Wentworth. These projects are typically largely interdisciplinary, and can be a great way to get more practical experience interacting with various fields of study.

Of course, if you don’t see a project you’re interested in, feel free to pitch one! We love having a wide array of projects, so you probably find a lot of support and plenty of people who are willing to help provide the resources you’re looking for. We may also be able to fund the project, depending on its potential, its viability, and the request. You’ll also be able to find plenty of people who are also interested in the challenge and are willing to join you.

The official website for the Wentworth student branch of the IEEE, the largest association of technical professionals worldwide.