MATE International Underwater ROV


If you’re interested in joining this project, join the Slack channel we use for communication!

If you have specific questions, here are the people to contact:

Project Lead: Andrew Zucker (
Mechanical Lead: Nick Stratton (
Electrical Lead: Mike Spalluzi (
Software Lead: Chris Thierauf (

Project Goal

We’ll be producing an underwater ROV that meets the goals outlined by MATE International.

Project History

The ROV project is one of our biggest projects that has been reoccurring for several years now. Every year, MATE International provides a set of criteria that we need to complete- things like being able to control an underwater ROV from the surface and have it measure distances and perform underwater repairs. In the past, we’ve successfully built and competed with ROV’s that met the criteria. This year, we’ll be trying to do it again- our ROV from last year had some issues with waterproofing, but the overall design is still something we can work with and improve.

Links to check out

Some external stuff

Here’s MATE Interational, which runs the competition that we’re participating in.
Blue Robotics is where we’ve bought a lot of our motors and stuff. We’ll probably be sourcing from them again, so be aware that they exist.
OpenROV may also be a helpful resource that’s worth checking out.

Some of our stuff

Our code will be kept on the rovsquad18 GitHub Repository. Talk to Chris about usage.
An archival drive of some of the progress from previous years can be found on a google drive here.

Posts about this project and its progress can be found here.

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