Burrito Launcher


This project is taking a brief hiatus. Stop by next semester if you’re interested, and get in touch with Josh for more details.

To learn more about this project, get in touch with Josh Caron (caronj3@wit.edu). He’ll be able to get you an invite to the slack channel we use for communication.

Project Goal and History

We’ll be applying our knowledge of Physics 2 (and whatever else we’ll need to learn) to create a burrito launcher.

Railguns operate off of the ability to conduct electricity through what is being launched, so foil-wrapped burritos can be launched by a railgun. Team lead Josh did the math and research to demonstrate that this is indeed possible, and has been running the project ever since he got members of the IEEE on board.

This project will be considered successful if it is possible to launch a burrito with a railgun. We’ll need to make our own capacitors, rails, and safety systems to make this happen.


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