We’re proud to host several projects, allowing for a diverse spread of skill levels and fields of study. Here are our active projects:

3D Printing

The 3D Printer group is focused on designing, building, tuning, and using 3D printers. This group has successfully built 3 plastic extrusion printers, with a 4th coming soon that will have dual extrusion.

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Underwater ROV: MATE International 2017 Competition

This group is participating in the MATE International Underwater ROV Competition, creating an underwater remote operated vehicle to complete numerous underwater tasks with limits being placed on size, weight, and time to complete tasks.

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Radio Telescope

This group was created to revive a project created as a design project for a class, created outside the IEEE. However, due to its complexity, it was never finished, and has been taken up by members of the IEEE. When complete, it will be able to autonomously track and monitor the radio signals of extra-terrestrial objects inside and outside our solar system and potentially our galaxy. We believe it is reasonable to expect that we will be able to discover previously unknown stars using this device.

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Incoming Members Project

We want our incoming members to have the best possible shot at getting familiar with what we can offer, and we want to get them familiar with how to use our resources as well as getting to know the community. As a result, we have our annual Incoming Members project.

These projects recognize the different skill levels incoming members will have, and provides opportunity to customize the difficulty. They also provide the opportunity learn new skills or employ existing ones, like soldering, using test equipment, programming, electrical or mechanical design, and working in an interdisciplinary team.

This year, we’ll be holding an RC drag race. Incoming members will be challenged to make an RC car, either by 3D printing, assembling, and soldering an existing model we provide, by optimizing the model we’ve provided, or by building from scratch using Arduino and XBee modules to create a wirelessly control motors, and design 3D models to print on our 3D printers.

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Rubiks Cube Solving Robot

New this year is our Rubiks Cube Solving robot- the goal is to be able to place a random rubiks cube in the robot and have it use cameras and other sensors to figure out what needs to be done to get a solution as quickly as possible. There’s a lot of interesting algorithms and mathematical problems to solve, as well mechanical and electrical design to do.

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Quadcopter Project

This project is a group of drone enthusiasts who are repairing, building, and discussing quadcopters.

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Burrito Launcher

We like burritos, and we like launching things. Why not both? Besides just being a funny concept, launching burritos using a railgun involves a lot of physics and is a great learning opportunity.

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