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3D Printing Workshop

This week’s workshop was on 3D printing.  A number of students stopped by the space we reserved in the library for a walk-in workshop. We presented a few FDM 3D printers- these printers print in plastic filament by melting and extruding while moving in the desired shape. We discussed the techniques used to design parts for 3D printing, the different aspects of the printing process, and some of the software used in this process. We also started a few prints to walk people through the process, and discussed some of the resources on campus to allow people to 3D print their ideas.

C in 60 Minutes, part 2

After the first C in 60 Minutes, we we held part 2! This interactive workshop had us work with our attendees on what project they were working on, what parts they were getting stumped on, and some more techniques of the language to make code more conscise and useful. With this talk, we completed our coverage of the absolute basics of C.

C in 60 Minutes, part 1

Often, the hardest part of learning a new programming language is knowing where to start. In this 2-part workshop, we made sure all attendees got set up with a compiler so that they could write code and keep learning on their own. We also made sure that attendees knew the basics of the language.

In part 2, we’ll be getting a little bit more advanced with the basics, and then leaving everyone with their own learning resources that they can work with.

WIT IEEE at HackWITus!

The very first HackWITus, Wentworth’s student run hackathon, the IEEE was there to help out by providing hardware, equipment, and knowledge. This year we were back, and with help from Wentworth’s Tech Sandbox, we provided a wide variety of tech like 3D printers, lab equipment, soldering irons, tools, and more. We also were around to make sure that everyone had the ability to use the 3D printers and other tech, even if they didn’t quite know what they were doing!

We’re happy to have been able to continue our mission of providing the opportunity to learn a variety of technical skills at this event. It was a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to coming back next year!

PID and Control Loops Workshop

Control loops, and specifically PID’s, are a commonly used method of ensuring that a system is able to get to and maintain a value. They blend mechanical systems, electrical systems, code, and mathematics to create automated and functional systems like those found in thermostats, self-driving cars, robotic arms, and much much more.

In tonight’s meeting, Stephen walked us through the mathematics and theory of PID’s. He also showed us techniques for finding those critical P, I, and D constants, as well as figuring out how to apply this knowledge.

3D Printing Workshop

For our first workshop of this year, Stephen gave a workshop on 3D Printing. Members learned about common terms and features, what the technology can and can’t do, and some handy tricks for making the best prints possible.

The presentation started with a basic 3D file created in SolidWorks, turned it into an .stl file, put the .stl into a slicer, and discussed how to put the sliced file into our octoprint server.

If you missed it, check out the slides from the presentation, (coming soon!), or check out the 3D printing project for a bunch of people that are happy to discuss 3D printing.