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Burrito Launcher

The goal of this project is to design and build a burrito launcher using the concepts of railgun physics.

Incoming Members Project Meeting

We want our incoming members to have the best possible shot at getting familiar with what we can offer, and we want to get them familiar with how to use our resources as well as getting to know the community. As a result, we have our annual Incoming Members project.

Lab open to non-members

During this time, a member of IEEE will be around to allow non-members to use the lab space and its equipment.

Manufacturing ROV parts!

This week was a good week for the ROV team! They made use of the break to manufacture just about all the pieces for the ROV based off of their mechanical designs. It won’t be long now until it’s ready to be in the water!

Take a look at some of the other photos from this week:

Andrew holding up the (almost) finished product.
Andrew taking a final check of the design
Tom and DJ checking the tools.
Alyssa tightens a part in the vice before machining.
Machining the now tightened part.


3D Printing Workshop

This week’s workshop was on 3D printing.  A number of students stopped by the space we reserved in the library for a walk-in workshop. We presented a few FDM 3D printers- these printers print in plastic filament by melting and extruding while moving in the desired shape. We discussed the techniques used to design parts for 3D printing, the different aspects of the printing process, and some of the software used in this process. We also started a few prints to walk people through the process, and discussed some of the resources on campus to allow people to 3D print their ideas.

Egg Drop

Egg Drops are a classic challenge. We gave it our best shot a our most recent meeting, and had a lot of fun doing it! Each team of 2-3 people was given access to string, paper, recycled bags, and other recycled materials, then 20 minutes to build before the 3-story drop. We’re proud to report that every egg survived!

Radio Telescope team presents progress

Next week, Wentworth IEEE will be visiting Wentworth’s Computer Science Society to talk about the radio telescope project. This project aims to create a radio telescope that will be used by our physics department to track the moons of Jupiter. Their talk will discuss the technology of radio telescopes, the problem to solve, and how they’ve gone about solving it. The project gave their presentation to us for us to check out.