Elections are coming!

Our election year is coming to a close, and elections are coming up in the IEEE!

On November 30th, we’ll be holding our annual elections. The positions that any IEEE member can run for are as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Advertising
  • Secretary
  • Lab Manager

Nominations and elections will occur on the same day (the 30th). Each candidate will give a brief speech about their views for the role, and will be voted on anonymously. Members can run for more than one role, but can only fill one role. This means that not getting elected to a position won’t kick you out of the e-board, but it doesn’t mean that you can pick and choose which spot you want- once someone is elected to a role, that’s the one they’re in.

Members may also propose that a new role be added, if they feel that there is a particular need for it. The role will be proposed and voted on at the President’s discretion.